Zhoushan Tianxiang Screw Manufacturing Factory

Zhoushan Tianxiang Screw Manufacturing Factory specializes in manufacturing all kinds of extrusion and injection molding rubber and plastic parts screw and barrel and product forming head accessories. It always takes: “Product quality as the center, and pay attention to partners and customers.” The purpose is to do a good job for each customer.

Our factory will do our best for you:

1. Provide solutions for mechanical problems.

2. Eliminate the uncertainty of product quality.

3. Solve the problem of screw and barrel operation.

4. Provide original mapping and drawing design to meet product requirements and solutions.

5. Quality selection according to product requirements, and precise manufacturing of actual process.

6. Strictly guarantee the delivery date according to the contract.

The company is equipped with all kinds of advanced production equipment and testing equipment to ensure that our products are satisfied with our customers from design to product. We strictly carry out quality inspection in accordance with ISO9001:2008 international quality system, strictly control quality.

Over the years, with continuous innovation and excellent service, Tianxiang Screw has not only won a stable domestic market, but also exported its products to more than 30 countries and regions such as Europe, America, Australia, Middle East and Asia.

We will continue to work hard and continue to improve to win more customer support and a broader market.