Analysis of the advantages of twin-screw extruder (1)


The twin-screw extruder has good feeding characteristic […]

The twin-screw extruder has good feeding characteristics, is suitable for powder processing, and has better mixing, exhausting, reaction and self-cleaning functions than single-screw extruder. It is characterized by poor thermal stability and processing of plastics and blends. It also shows its superiority. So what are the advantages of twin-screw extruders?
1. high torque, high speed
At present, the development trend of the twin-screw extruder in the world is to develop toward high torque, high speed and low energy consumption, and the effect brought by high speed is high productivity. The split-type twin-screw extruder belongs to this category and its speed can be increased by 500 rpm. Therefore, it has unique advantages in processing high viscosity and heat sensitive materials.
2. Visually understand the wear and tear of wearing parts
Thanks to the easy opening, the threaded components and the inner bushings of the barrel can be found at any time for effective repair or replacement. It is not discovered when there is a problem with the extruded product, causing unnecessary waste.