Color mixing problem and color mixing screw


1. The origin of the color mixing problem: produced by […]

1. The origin of the color mixing problem: produced by the product quality (color requirement), the economicality of the product (changing the color mixture of the color and the color of the toner) and the versatility of processing (a variety of plastics processed by a screw).

2. Universal color mixing screw: It is a supplementary design for mixing the general-purpose screw. The applicable plastic range is basically the same as the general-purpose screw (standard screw), which can solve the processing requirements of most customers' ordinary plastic products and color mixing. The disadvantage is that there is a certain conflict with the high transparency of the product and a slight increase in the storage load and time. It can be used as a basic way to solve the problem of color mixing of customer products in the marketing strategy;

3, special-purpose color mixing screw: the manufacturing cost is obviously increased, as a special requirement for high-color mixing, the customer is required to match two screws;

4, color mixing accessories: mainly mixed color head, mixed color nozzle accessories, such accessories are small price, but the use is more convenient, can be used in the following two situations, one is the purchase customer to solve the product color mixing problem, the second is the customer purchase When purchasing the machine, purchase a set of color-mixing accessories, and disassemble the standard flanges, nozzles and the first three pieces, and replace the special flanges, nozzles and the first three parts to achieve the common product and the mixed color product. The result of the screw.