Injection molding machine maintenance


Daily maintenance points (1) Inspection before driving. […]

Daily maintenance points
(1) Inspection before driving.
A. Check if the safety device is effective and reliable (the safety device works when the safety door is opened)
B. Check if the safety cover of each part is correct.

C. Check if the emergency stop switch is normal and sensitive.
D. Check whether the power supply has leakage or not, and whether the wire is intact.
E. Check if the electric heating coil is loose or connected. (The electric heating coil is in use and may be in contact due to heating expansion.

not good)
F. Check whether the lubrication status of each lubrication part is good, and add lubricating oil as appropriate.
G. Check the hydraulic oil and lubricant level, which should be above the oil level indicator scale.
H. Check and tighten the mold connection bolts.
I. Check if the plug of the thermocouple is in good contact with the measuring hole end of the barrel. If it is found to be in poor contact, tighten it at any time.
(2) Maintenance during operation
A. Check if the hydraulic oil pipe leaks.

B, motor, oil pump, bearings and other high-speed moving parts, is there any unusual phenomenon.
C. Whether the injection molding machine has abnormal impact sound during the whole cycle.
D. During operation, if abnormal smell is heard, stop the machine immediately, check the relevant accessories for problems, and restart the equipment after troubleshooting.
Note: Electric heating coil, melting rubber resin, etc., burnt due to high temperature, there will be a special smell, the motor will be overloaded, or the vent is blocked, there will be a burnt smell.
E. Always pay attention to the observation of molded products. If there are defects, it should be improved as soon as possible.
F. Always pay attention to the phenomenon of looseness of mechanical fasteners, heating coils, thermocouples, etc.
G. When the oil filter is found to be blocked, the oil filter fault display will appear on the screen, and the equipment check should be stopped immediately. Replace or clean the oil filter by a maintenance worker.
(3) Downtime work
A. After the end of production, do a good job of shutting down the work.
B. Clean the equipment, clean up the site, and keep the machine and the surrounding environment clean.
C. Equipment with a downtime of more than one week, the processing surface is oiled and rustproof.
(4) Weekly maintenance points
A. Includes daily maintenance points.
B. Check if the screw of each stroke switch is loose.
C. Check if the thermocouple contact is normal.
D. Measure the grounding wire contact resistance.