What are the applications of building fastener bolts


Building fastener bolts, in the construction of constru […]

Building fastener bolts, in the construction of construction projects, fasteners are essential and important facilities, mainly used for the connection between steel pipes and steel pipes, and the amount of use is very large.

When buckling and connecting the fastener, the steel pipe is clamped in the fastener, and the bolt is clamped into the bayonet of the fastener, and then the nut is turned until the two ends of the fastener are fastened; but during the connection process, due to the bolt If the bayonet is not tightened when tightening the bayonet, the bolt is easy to be clamped, and may even cause the steel pipe to slide out. The purpose of this bolt is to provide a simple and firm construction fastener to slide out.
In order to achieve the above-mentioned purpose, Dacheng Standard Parts Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializes in providing construction fastener bolts, including British grade 8.8 T-bolts, live joint bolts, fork bolts, nuts, aluminum template pins, etc.
The feature of the above technical solution is that the fastener fixed with this kind of T-bolt needs to be provided with a clamping edge on both sides of the bayonet of the clamping part, and the T-shaped bolt is used on this kind of fastener. Clamping the T-bolt into the bayonet also firmly restricts the T-bolt in the bayonet, which prevents the T-bolt from falling out, realizes a one-time installation, and makes the installation safer.