Causes and troubleshooting of twin screw extruder failure(2)


Fourth, the main motor bearing temperature rise is too […]

Fourth, the main motor bearing temperature rise is too high
Cause: Poor bearing lubrication. Bearing wear is severe.
Solution: Check and add lubricant. Check motor bearings and replace if necessary.
Five, the head is not smooth or blocked
Cause: A section of the heater does not work, and the material is not plasticized. The operating temperature is set too low, or the molecular weight distribution of the plastic is wide and unstable. There may be foreign objects that are not easily melted.
Solution: Check the heater and replace if necessary. Verify the set temperature of each section, and if necessary, consult with the craftsman to increase the temperature set value. Clean and inspect the extrusion system and the machine head.
Six, the main electric start current is too high
Cause: Insufficient heating time and high torque. A heater is not working.
Handling method: Use a handcart while driving. If it is not easy, extend the heating time or check whether each section of the heater is working properly.