How to equip the injection molding machine with screw


The general purpose screw is generally divided into thr […]

The general purpose screw is generally divided into three sections: the feed section, the compression section, and the homogenization section, which are matched with a complete set of barrels. First of all, we must confirm the parameters: length-diameter ratio, shrinkage ratio, diameter, pitch, length, model brand used, number of balls, materials used and other commonly understood parameters. According to the difference of each model, each used will be different according to the material to choose different materials, its melting speed value, heat absorption function during melting, melt viscosity, water absorption rate, thermal stability function and other characteristics There are various differences, and there are great differences in the shape requirements of the plasticizing screw of the injection molding machine. Even if the same kind of plastic has different products, the added flame retardants, lubricants, glass fibers, inorganic minerals and other modifiers and fillers added to the plastic are different, and the requirements for color mixing and melting and homogenization are different. The shape of the granular material is different, and all have different requirements for the screw to choose.
The screw is selected according to the model series, because the injection molding machine has a very large variety of series, so we have to select at the beginning, first correctly determine which injection molding machine or series the product should be produced, such as general thermoplastic Plastic or bakelite or PET materials, etc., are single color, twin screw, multi-color, sandwich or mixed color, etc. In addition, some products require conditions such as high stability (closed loop), high precision, ultra-high rate of fire, high shot pressure, or rapid production (multi-loop), and it is also necessary to select a really suitable series to make the corresponding special.