The importance of screw in plastic machinery


Screw as a plastic molding machine and other plastic ma […]

Screw as a plastic molding machine and other plastic machinery in the center of the component, it has what special function, let it become particularly important?
In the field of plastic machinery, screw is mostly used in plastic molding equipment, such as plastic profile extruder, injection molding machine and other commonly used plastic machinery. Screw and barrel are the central parts of plastic molding equipment, the part of heating extrusion plasticization, and the center of plastic machinery.
Screw: cylinder with spiral groove on the outer surface or cone with spiral groove on the conical surface. The screw has different heads.
There are others, such as flat screw, hexagon screw and so on.
According to the extrusion process, the screw works under high temperature, certain corrosion, severe wear and high torque
1) High temperature resistance, no deformation under high temperature;
2) Wear resistance and long service life;
3) It is corrosion resistant and the material is corrosive;
4) High strength, can accept large torque, high speed;
5) It has excellent cutting function;
6) After heat treatment, the residual stress is small and the thermal deformation is small.
Screw is widely used in plastic machining production link, CNC machine, CNC lathe, injection molding machine and so on.