Twin screw machine and single screw machine plastic use


Advantages of twin screw extruder and single screw extr […]

Advantages of twin screw extruder and single screw extruder?
① There is less heat in the process of extrusion.
② The meshing shear action of the material in the barrel is stable and uniform, and the plasticizing quality is better.
③ The residence time of material in the barrel is short, and the output value of extruded products is high.
④ The results show that the quality of plasticizing and mixing plasticizing of powdered resin on the screw of twin rod extruder is relatively stable.
⑤ Double screw meshing rotation operation, the residual material in the barrel can be sorted out actively.

Difference between thermoplastic and thermosetting plasticization
Thermoplastic is one of the most widely used plastics. It is made up of thermoplastic resin and various additives. Thermoplastic humanized plastics can be repeatedly heated to soften or melt to form products.
In general, the heating process of 205-150 thermosetting machine is long.
From the production method difference is: thermoplastic molding process can be connected, can be high-speed molding; there are many process methods, and defective products and waste plastics can be recycled for use, products have good mechanical properties, but poor heat resistance and rigidity.
By adding catalysis or other methods such as ultraviolet, radiation, etc.) and chemical changes occur and cross-linked into insoluble three-dimensional network structure resin is called thermosetting resin. Thermosetting plastic molding can only be produced intermittently, it is difficult to achieve continuous production. The output power is lower. In addition, compared with thermoplastic products, thermosetting plastic products have higher heat resistance and compression resistance to deformation.

Types of plastics
The raw materials of many products are not just a kind of resin, but are mixed with different resins, filled or reinforced by other substances, and the chemical additives in liquid or solid state play a physical or chemical change in the processing.
Such as calcium carbonate, talc powder, carbon black, mica powder filling, glass fiber, carbon fiber, metal whisker reinforcement, lubricant, plasticizer, anti weight agent, crosslinking agent, foaming agent and other processing aids.
According to different raw materials, typical semi-finished products include cable material, PVC type and other resin special materials used for cable production. If one extruder has wide adaptability of various materials and products, it is called universal type. If the processing process of a material or product can obtain more outstanding effect, it is called special type.