Segmentation of the screw


 The screw is generally divided into five sections: con […]

 The screw is generally divided into five sections: conveying section, melting section, mixing section, exhaust section and homogenization section.
(1) Conveying section, conveying materials to prevent flashing.
(2) The melting section, which is fully melted and homogenized by heat transfer and friction shearing.
(3) The mixing section makes the material composition size further refined and uniform, forming an ideal structure with a distribution and dispersive mixing function.
(4) The exhaust section discharges impurities such as water vapor and low molecular weight substances.
(5) Homogenization (metering) section, conveying and pressurization, establish a certain pressure, so that the material at the die has a certain density, and at the same time further mixing, and finally achieve the purpose of smooth extrusion granulation.